Top Tips for Running in the Hills

April 30, 2019

Top Tips for Running in the Hills

Tips for running uphill:

(1) Be prepared to walk - as this will double your stride length! When walking lean forward and place your hands on your quads, just above your knees.

(2)Pace yourself - as hills in the fells can be long and challenging.

(3)Strengthen your calfs and glutes - as these muscles will propel you up the hills.


Tips for running downhill:

(1) Use your arms - they will help you to balance. Don't be afraid to put them up in the air or out to the side! 

(2) Look ahead and not down - your peripheral vision will enable you to see trip hazards more quickly. This one can take some practice! 

(3) Strengthen your quads and hips - these muscles will help you to keep balance and rhythm.

My 3 top tips:

(1) Have a look at the course beforehand - so you know what's to come.

(2) Practice - as practice makes perfect!

(3) Enjoy yourself!! 

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