Healthy recipes from Olympic athlete Freya Ross

January 11, 2018

Not only is Freya Ross an Olympic athlete, she has written her own recipe book focussing on healthy, nutritional snacks and meals for active people. She's given us some hints and tips and a couple of her favourite recipes.

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Overcoming a mental block in sport - gymnast Lara's story.

December 11, 2017

Ever faced a mental block in sport? Read how gymnast and #everactivgirl Lara managed to overcome her mental block on the beam.

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Core stability and functional training with everactiv - advanced

December 04, 2017

Welcome to the third in our series of our core stability and functional training workout videos. This instalment is the most challenging and building on our previous workouts. Enjoy! 

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How to layer up to stay warm for winter training and exercise

November 29, 2017

What's the best way to stay warm when you are training outdoors in the winter? Our quick guide explains the layering system.

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Core stability and functional training with everactiv - intermediate

October 25, 2017

These exercises build on our beginners workout to give you more of a challenge. We've included some coaching points for you to follow as you do the exercises.

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Size Guide
Get measured up to be sure to get the best possible fit for comfort and performance from your everactiv sportswear. 
everactiv size guide sportswear children girls young people  
1) Chest: Measure all the way around your chest at the fullest points.
2) Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your waist.
3) Leg Length: Measure from the inside at the top of your leg to your ankle.
4) Hips: Measure around the widest part of your hips.
Use the size chart to work out your fit. If you are between sizes order the larger size for a looser fit. If you prefer a tighter fit, order the smaller size.  *Please note numeric age is provided as a reference. Measuring is the best way to try to get a good fit for your new sportswear.
everactiv range including girls custom everactiv club items
cm/inches XS S M L
Height guide 128-134/50-53 140-146/55-57 152-158/60-62 161-167/63-65
Numeric age* Age 7/8 Age 9/10 Age 11/12 Age 13+
Chest 64-68/25-27 70-74/28-29 76-80/30-32 82-86/32-34
Waist 56/22 60/24 64/25 70/27
Hips 58-66/23-26 64-72/25-28 70-78/28-31 79-84/30-33
Inner Leg 57/22 62/24 67/26 72/28
Custom club hoodies/boys t-shirts
cm/inches Age 7/8 Age 9/11 Age 12/13
Unisex Kids Hoodies Chest 86/34 92/36 98/39
Unisex Kids Hoodies Sleeve Length 43/17 47/19 51/20
Boys T-Shirt Chest 78/31 82/32 89/35


Adult Hoodies and T-Shirts

cm/inches XS S M L XL
Hoodie Chest 98/39 102/40 112/44 122/48 130/51
Hoodie Sleeve Length 58/29 59/23 61/24 62/24 64/25
T-Shirt Chest 89/35 96/38 103/41 110/43 117/46