Core strength exercises - the brace/plank

May 24, 2017

Core exercises brace/plank blog

In this video blog, British Triathlon Coach of the year Billy Mitchell, introduces us to the brace/plank exercise and gives us some ways to add dynamic movement that will give you a more challenging workout!

"The plank/brace is a simple core exercise that most people will be familiar with. It is great for improving core strength, working on the muscles that help us balance and for improving posture. With many of us sitting at desks (especially young people at school) our posture can suffer! It is also a great exercise for shoulder stability.

As with all core exercises, good technique is the key and the first thing that we have to do is to get into a strong start position.

Core stability blog - plank position

When your athletes have mastered this skill you can move onto adding some dynamic movement. For this challenge you will need 6 cones of different colours placed around the athlete. On your direction the athlete will move their hands or feet to the coloured cone that you call. Watch for when the athlete becomes fatigued and loses form and allow them to rest before repeating the challenge. 

Watch out for more core exercise videos coming soon or check out our youtube channel.

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