Billie's Triathlon Blog

August 09, 2018

Junior triathlete Billie

Triathlete BillieHi, I'm Billie, I'm ten years old and I'm a triathlete. I compete in junior triathlons and travel to lots of places to race but mainly I race in a series called the Eastern Region Children's League, and race in the Tri Star 1 age group, 9-10yr olds. This year the league consists of eight triathlons, three aquathlons and one duathlon, and they take your five best results to see who is champion at the end. You must do four triathlons and one other race to gain your five results. So far this year I won the first league aquathlon, I did not race the first league triathlon because I wanted to race an aquathlon that my friends were doing, none of my friends really do the league races so I wanted to race them, I'm a bit competitive like that !!

Once the race season gets underway it's squeezed into a couple of months and sometimes I have races on both days of the weekend. Normally on the car journey I have a sleep on the way and on the way back and if I've won I get to choose what we have for tea. Normally a Chinese take away! 

My first League triathlon was at Basildon and I won that one, my dad said while we were near London I could do an aquathlon in Greenwhich so we stayed in
a hotel to save travelling home and so I didn't have to wake up too early, it was fun racing different people, I won that race as well .I  do lots of galas with my swimming club Thetford Dolphins and because it's triathlon season I have been missing some galas so I can rest up before a race. Because I am fast for my age at the galas I do fly and backstroke in the 12yr old races. When I get asked to swim in the senior galas I always try and do them because it's good experience and I get to go on a coach with the older kids and swim in lots of different places. That's one of the things I like most about racing, I get to go to lots of good places and sometimes I even get time off school for races or if my sponsors ask me to do things or invite me to places.

Billie running

I have a little pop up tent that I take to races and I call it my Chill Zone, I make a little camp and lay around until t's nearly my race. And if I know I've done well and have to wait for the presentation I sometimes have a little sleep in it. Then it's really funny watching my dad trying to fold it up, he always threatens to throw it over the hedge!! 

I did the West Suffolk triathlon, it was only 40 minutes from my house so I had a nice lay in. Lots of my family came to watch me and I did a good race for them. First again. Four from four and not been beaten in the swim yet. The next race was at Leighton Buzzard and it was roasting hot, it was a small pool so the swim was a bit shorter but the bike and run were really hard in the heat. My dad had put my tent up in some shade and I drank lots of water before my race. I came first again. The next day was at Chelmsford in Essex and it was really hot again and I was in the last ace so there was lots of waiting around, I started to get a bit tense because of the heat and this was another race that I really wanted to win. It's the only race in my league that is like a proper triathlon like adults do. It's an open water swim with a mass start and you ride on closed roads. All my other races are swimming pools and you race on school playing fields. The swim was also longer than usual, 200m, so I was really hoping to be first out of the water. I was first out, two girls nearly caught me on the bike, but I did a really good run to take the overall win again. That win meant that I had got six wins in the league and with only two triathlons left no one could catch me so when it's all finished I will be 2018 Eastern Region TS1 champion.

My dad then surprised me and told me we were going on holiday, I would
miss the last league triathlon but it didn't matter, we told the organiser I wasn't racing because there was a waiting list and so someone else could race instead.
I just had the big race up in Yorkshire to do then I was going on holiday. It was at Castle Howard and it's part of a big series. The swim was only 100m so didn't really give me much chance to use my strength and the bike, my weakest part, was longer than my usual races. I was just hoping I might get on the podium. I was first out of water in my starting wave and tried as hard as I could on my bike. It was very hilly and bumpy, the run was cross country and really tough but when I finished I was sitting in 2nd place. A girl I know in the first wave had done a really good bike and she was in 1st. I was really happy but at the end a girl in the last wave who does lots of cyclo X done an amazing bike and she won. I ended up 3rd and was really happy, there were nearly 180 in my age group, and I got that fastest swim and run to T1 so I'm still unbeaten in a triathlon swim. It was a long drive home and I normally fall asleep but I was really pleased with my race and I was excited about my holiday so I stayed awake the whole way home.

Bilie on the podium
So that's been my season so far, lots of racing which I really enjoy but when I'm tired I just chill out, miss some training if I'm really tired or just do shorter sessions. I'm writing this with my dad and we're sat by the pool in Fuerteventura. I'm not thinking about racing for two whole weeks, I'm just relaxing. I've still got a few races left this year. Then I will concentrate on my bike training for next year’s triathlons because I go up into TS2, 11-12 yr olds. I know I can swim against them and just about run with them so just need to improve my bike legs.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog and if you like you can follow my racing and messing around on Twitter, I'm @ironkidbilliej or on Insta I'm ironkid_billie .


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