Being a student and an athlete - study tips for exams.

May 08, 2017

Being a student and an athlete - study tips for exams.

Studying and training - how to find a balance

This week our guest blog is from Lexi who is an aspiring climber. Lexi competes internationally and combines her studying and training. With summer exams coming up Lexi gives us her top tips on balancing school and being an athlete.

Dealing with exam stress as an athlete

Lexi Dundas - blogger on studying and training"Exams during the school year are important and can be very stressful. This is why carrying on training is also important which gives you a chance to relax and give yourself a break from all the studying, when I have a study period due to approaching exams, I do cut back on my training to study more, but use training to take a break so I don’t overload my brain! Haha. At the weekends the way that best works for me is getting up at a reasonable time say 9am in the morning and doing 2-3 hours of studying. I will then take a break and do some home training maybe about 30-60 mins like strength and core which would include pull ups, press ups, bicep curl and triceps dips, I aim for about 3 sets of 10 for these. Then I will do core which consists of sit ups, leg raises, twists and plank. I will then go back to studying and do a few more hours.

Studying and training - Lexi Sometimes to mix it up I either study in the morning and then go to training after or swap it around. Its important to still train while studying because as you study your just sitting down using your brain so it’s good to get up and get the blood pumping this helps get more oxygen to the body and it feels like it wakes me up for more studying. One of the benefits of taking a break to studying for me, is if I struggle to remember things (usually biology!), is when I come back to studying from training everything seems to have fallen into place and I can retain information easier. Another reason is if you exercise or train before studying studying can give me time to relax my body it after a hard session."

You can find Lexi on twitter: @lexidundas1 and on instagram @lexi_climber


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